A lot of Fish fast quantity grabs: Your intent is a critical RELATIONSHIP

Nasty Ninja


Step one is your profile. VERY BEST PHOTOS IS ESSENTIAL.

Your profile has to be enjoyable, yet ‘serious’ and now have perfect spelling.

First have actually your very best photos up.

Make use of a beach that is shirtless, or baseball, athletic pic, (especially in the event that you work away and appear good shirtless. no mirror shots) have actually photos SMILING. One alone interior pic is good. More pictures that are outdoor tasks, at events, cookouts are better. Images full size and dressed WELL.

Headline : “The pig of one’s goals.” “D.T.F= Right Down To Fish”. one thing clever and funny or work with a moving emoticon :yes: (for getting the attention) or a brief funny line from a favorite brand new film.

Fish Personality : Seahorse (allow the chicks wonder about riding the Seahorse but do not carry it up.)

Passions : it is possible to sprinkle in subdued ‘sexual’ recommendations perhaps perhaps not too apparent in your passions. Do not place all of them in a relative line..scatter them to your passions. IE:

Soul mates, Dancing, Sleeping while paying attention to your rainfall fall, Bonfires during the coastline, Sneakers, vehicle programs, spending less, Basketball, Business, Traveling, Cuddling viewing frightening films, Pretty women, Hygiene, Beach, Relaxing massages, Lounges, researching, The economy, exercising, Consuming healthier, Boxing, Sensual kisses, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Friends, Family, Zoo, carnivals, films, Good teeth, Dressing well, Skinny dipping, Waterfalls, Biking, BBQ’s, summertime, Being active, Pretty legs, Laughing, Smiling, Winery’s, Museums, Friendship, Comedy, attempting various cultural foods, Road trips, Jesus

Your intent is just a SERIOUS UNION. You are interested in: LONGTERM. Have fun with the game.

About me Ex: (you can duplicate and paste it to yours and tweak it a little)

Confident NOT c0cky.

Type never a doormat.

Funny never a clown.

I am especially enthusiastic about someone that is stylish, curvy and simple in the optical eyes that will enrich my entire life, human anatomy, brain and heart as far as I will theirs.

Therefore, if you are a female with real feminine core, playful, affectionate, fairly precious, healthy, giver perhaps not taker, have actually a sense of humor (genuine kind, perhaps not sarcasm), socially intelligent, maybe not too aloof, comfortable with sexuality, ready to evolve and grow to your fullest potential without having to be judged and repressed by other people, confident, and undoubtedly in a position to anything like me for who i will be, well, then drop me personally a line right here and let us have a blast.

An upgrade to your current boyfriend, or don’t know what you want (easily influenced by T.V.) I’m NOT for you if you’re looking for a one night stand. Best of luck in your quest then and ‘relationship’ goals for 2012. Simply because we subscribed to this website as an alternative choice to meet up with individuals aside from the individuals we meet in every day life does not mean i will trip over myself to ‘impress’ you. There is a large distinction between getting countless email messages in your inbox out of each and every pervert on this web site and also being the sort of girl that could make a person wish to remain. Real tale.

Ok. Enough of that. Let’s meet up and do the damn thang!! Party time!

First Date : Overseas criminal activity spree? I would like an accomplice! ;P

Mail Settings : be sure you check off you do not wish those who do medications, are hitched, messaged other people for intimate encounters, task lovers, chat. (everybody else on the website is wanting to fvck. You simply need to have fun with the game as you’re ‘seriously’ searching similar to the chicks do they’re going to see you have ‘standards’ from your own mail and profile settings. It’s not going to stop you against emailing whomever though..)

My post count is done during the day. Tomorrow we’ll publish the intro e-mail, the 2nd message, the 3rd response to offer you their quantity, the content and paste respond to chicks whom ‘call you down’ on your own very very very first message being copy and paste, plus the e-mail to chicks whom simply see your profile or ensure you get your very very very first message and see your profile plus don’t respond towards the very very first. Simple work. Spam, three messages number acquired. Setup meet. Rinse, pattern, perform.


Senior Don Juan

Slutty Ninja


I usually assumed that

Could not be on a website like POF. Hmm.


Master Don Juan

J Roc

Master Don Juan

“you must read the SoSuave Guide to Women if you love women. It is great!”

Dirty Ninja


You ‘must’ have your very best images up. Athletic, shirtless during the coastline would be the most readily useful. Especialy in the event that you exercise. These chicks are considering the products. I do not care whatever they state inside their profile. Ignore it. You’ll see replies much faster and frequently if you’re break up. Real Tale.

i will take to the headline: “Friend Zone the jeans off me personally!”

As far as communications:

First content try a distinctive funny opener. or make one up, seek out one in the Plenty of Fish Discussion threads V.1 2 3 four or five. IE: for an abundance of Fish I made up the below plus it works magically. (You’d be surprised during the stitlet that is dumb chicks answer):

I’m a silly seahorse. It is real! (Hey it goes with all the sea that is whole) But that is next to the point..Congratulations have been in purchase right right here. That you be paid for your profile if I ever meet the owner of Plenty of Fish I’m going to demand to him. For a totally free dating website, yours may be the profile that is greatest ever written in a brief history of internet dating!

We swear I’m going to print it away and post it to my fridge to admire…FOREVER..

Carry on with the great work you adorable, heavenly endowed cutie that is lil!

Ciao bella and I also wish you’ve got a great time. =) or:

My roomie arrived to the area while I happened to be taking a look at your profile and said that when I didn’t message you, she would. Now, she’s straight, making sure that’s an probably a clear hazard but she comes with a watch for pretty chicks therefore I’m completely likely to trust my mom’s judgment with this one. Inform me if she’s correct if not we swear to sweet child Jesus I’m likely to satisfy my vow of shipping her down to the “resting” home. Many thanks for your own time! =)

Once they reply 2nd message: Hey you. Exactly just How’s it going? Exactly exactly exactly How’s your website been dealing with you to date? =)

When they respond to the 2nd: (short phrase from what they replied plus in exactly the same final reply to them): Offer me personally your quantity and I also’ll offer you a call sometime. I do not have enough time to be on here much. Communicate with you quickly! (your genuine name) =)

***I’ve gotten lots of figures simply going three communications after which telling them to provide me personally their quantity to call them. Almost no time for e-mail ping pong.


Master Don Juan

Slutty Ninja


Here is a message that is new created that appears to have the LULZ from chicks and replies:

My roomie arrived to the area while I happened to be considering your profile and explained that when we didn’t message you, she would.

Now, she’s straight, to make certain that’s an probably an empty danger but she comes with an eye fixed for pretty chicks therefore I’m completely planning to trust my mom’s judgment about this one.

Inform me if she’s correct if not we swear to baby that is sweet I’m likely to meet my vow of shipping her down in to the “resting” home. It is your decision to be considered a super heroine and save yourself mother or else: Jello time for mommy.


Don Juan


Master Don Juan

Whenever might you satisfy these chicks, Ninja?

We really do not begin to see the point in POF without meeting/banging the most notable 20percent of those females. maybe Not you posting these techniques for the guys on the forum who meet girls online, but man that I don’t value. You use spamming chicks on POF playing an instrument instead–say the piano–you would be on your way to being the next Mozart by now if you invested the time.

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