kid’s Play by Demetrius Two brothers that are young a teenager aged baby-sitter and a movie.

Cheerleaders: Possesed For Pleasure by Anon Winning Cheerleaders obtain an all expense day at Rio, just things come out differently than they are able to have imagined. They become becoming area of the illicit slave that is white and be breeders for hire. (M+/F, nc, rp, bd, preg)

young child’s Play by Demetrius Two brothers that are young a teenager aged baby-sitter and a film. If you’re scenting difficulty ahead, you are correct. (mf teenagers, young ones, reluc, first, mast, dental nudelived, bd)

Asia Connection, The by Pallidan whenever ongoing company begins to slide, a lady is delivered to Asia for training. Maybe perhaps Not working out she expected as she quickly discovers. (FF, exh, reluc, bd)

Chronicles Of Narnia XXX The White Witch, Peter & Edmund by Arthur Wilde, Le Marquis De Zade e pugilative war over Narnia is finished and also the White Witch and her minions have actually won. Peter is captured and humiliated in many ways he never imagined. Edmund tries to save Peter, it is in turned captured. Both failed heroes of Narnia end up being the play things regarding the White Witch along with her creatures that are dark. (FFm, ped, nc, rp, v, mast, dental, anal, bd, tor)

Church Camp by Obmuj this season Sally had been a camp aide and also at 17 her faith ended up being her way to obtain pride, along side her virginity needless to say. (M/f teen, ped, reluc, 1st, bd)

Claiming Of Lisa, The by Chaotic Insanity close buddy becomes Master, a spouse turns into a servant, a spouse turns into a cuckhold. Therefore starting a 4 ownership year. (MF, nc, rp, d/s, size, v, tor, bd, cuck)

Claire’s Awakening by Slutgirl The storyline of a woman that is young ultimately discovers her basis for being: compared to an intercourse servant to your dog. (Mdom/F, beast, bdsm, ws)

Claire’s Stables by Ivan Wilson ongoing celebration woman is kidnapped and taken up to Claire’s stables. She’s converted and hypnotised to a ponygirl, satisfying most of her new Master’s fantasies. During the stables, she joins a group that is increasing including Claire by herself, whom reside as individual equines. (MF, MM, FF, nc, beast, inc, 1st, anal, bd, bi, mc, fetish, preg)

Cleaning Girl by Old Grey Duck A divorced man discovers that their cleansing solution is NOT as much as his satisfaction. Then again he employs on a brand new solution by having a twist that is unusual. (MF, exh, first, dental, bd)

cleansing area 211 by Triple Delta Pacifica Medina can be a unlawful mexican immigrant working at a hotel resort near hillcrest. Whilst cleansing area 211, she stumbles upon the quite unusual contents of a guest that is certain baggage, followed closely by an encounter because of the uncommon visitor himself. (MFF, reluc, v, bd, Mexican)

Cock Drain, The by Kari Alarus Jim’s child takes fee whenever her brother that is little is jacking off onto her number of nasty images which were taken of her. (mMf, mast, anal, inc, tease, bd)

Coffee Please by Pet Kaili the opportunity conference during the cafe before work becomes much, a lot more as Kaili explores her desires that are deep kinks. (Mdom/F, sm, exh, spank, bdsm) component 2

Collapse, The by Christie In a post American future a young girl offers by herself into slavery to save lots of her family members from starvation. (MF teenagers, nc, reluc, first, oreg, bd)

Come The Dawn by Cazna Rochester the evening prior to the solstice, a medication researcher and their daughters get and discipline some neighborhood senior high school students whom’ve been destroying their experiments, $250,000 worth of harm done. Making use of the total outcomes of their work they generate them into intercourse their slaves. (FFM/M+, teenagers, nc, inc, orgy, sci fi, bd)

Community “Ass” “Ette” by Matt Shaver a new man becomes a sex servant up to a community that is whole. (MMF/M, bi, d/s, sissy, oral, anal, exh, intr, huml, bd, ws)

totally nude by Anon a man minding their very own company is kidnapped and meant to “perform” for a crowd of horny ladies. (MF, nc, bd, exh)

Compulsion by Cate Murray we had been both ladies, both nude and a tad bit more than half drunk; precisely what I would personally call a ideal situation. (FF, bd, nc, mast)

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