Spanking My Hubby. We spank my hubby Evan for enjoyable within our sex-life.

Evan features a love-hate relationship with spanking: he really really loves the concept, but he hates it whenever it occurs.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tommy’s drawings

Here is a weblog that Evan likes: http: //tommysptoriginalart.

Evan likes Tommy’s drawings, since the themes interest him: teenage boys, being obligated to just accept a spanking from ladies in a situation of authority. He also likes the fact within the drawings, a number of these males have actually erections before they’ve been to have spanked (exactly like Evan).

I do believe this will be a familiar theme for Evan: the kid / guy would like to be spanked at some level, given that it’s exciting, deeply down. So he gets a hardon during the looked at the possible spanking. Nevertheless when it takes place, the spanking is significantly harder compared to their dreams, and then he cries and loses control.

Many Thanks, Tommy, for the photos! Carry on with the work that is good.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Evan otk

Below are a few shots from nearby the final end regarding the spanking that we had published photos of recently. His base had been scarlet during the final end of the one.

This 1 harmed a complete great deal: just about to happen. I acquired a good response from that smack.

He could be crossing their feet to attempt to retain in place, which will be okay beside me. So long as he remains here, then your spanking will end after he takes sufficient difficult spanks well. If he moves around too much, then none of the time matters.

Complete for the time being. Off he climbs, with an excellent bottom that is red.

And I also can easily see that We have done a job that is good spanking away their erection.

Best wishes to any or all of you.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Going right through airport safety with my wood paddle

Evan and I had been traveling throughout the holidays by air plane, and I also had an exchange that is interesting a safety representative at airport safety, before boarding an airplane. We place my bag through the scanner, plus in my bag had been my handy paddle, pictured below. (we frequently carry this beside me within my bag. ) No one has expected about my paddle prior to, thus I ended up being only a little amazed when a safety representative (a female about my age, maybe three decades old) took it away from my bag and asked me personally exactly what it absolutely was. I latinomeetup quizzes possibly could see she had no concept exactly what it had been. To her, we bet it appeared as if a hairbrush without any brush. Or possibly a masturbator. I do not know.

I didn’t wait in telling her so it had been a spanking paddle. She seemed I informed her “Don’t worry, only my better half is in risk. At me personally having a unclear appearance, and thus” She seemed astonished by this solution, but it was taken by her in stride, and laughed. She then provided me with my bag, and that ended up being that.

Unfortuitously, Evan d

Saturday, December 4, 2010

10 vs. This is certainly difficult medium difficult

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eating their semen that are own

I really hope everyone else had a great thanksgiving vacation. Evan and I also possessed a time that is busy family members, and today our company is thrilled to flake out for some times.

Straight Back now to female-dominant components of a relationship that is sexual. Another component of our intimate relationship that Evan introduced (in a little shot glass, and then drinks it that I really enjoy) is that often when Evan ejaculates, he collects it. Years back, he believed that it was a fantasy that is exciting to be required to take in his very own semen. He’d masturbated by himself for several years, together with never consumed it by himself, nevertheless the concept of being forced to achieve this excited him. He previously also mentioned this to an ex-girlfriend, but she did not recognize utilizing the fantasy — she thought it was strange — so he did not pursue it.

Evan raised this concept I liked it very much with me early on in our relationship, and. I believe he had been astonished by my effect. Physically, I do not understand why anybody will be troubled by this dream. It really is appears benign and enjoyable. (I really used to such as the style of semen: we used to ingest Evan’s semen as soon as we had been dating. Now, we barely ever try this. If it excited Evan, I like the connection we’ve. Whereas I would personally nevertheless be thrilled to do so) often whenever Evan comes inside me personally, i am going to have him lick it away: that seems good (a “creampie”). More regularly nonetheless, i shall have Evan masturbate into an attempt cup until he orgasms (he is very sensitive under there) while I watch him, gently stroking his balls. Right while he comes, We have him take in it: it’s a fantastic show to look at. Even though the concept nevertheless excites him as he has orgasmed before he comes, he hates the idea as soon. But we now have produced pact whereby he always drinks it, therefore he does therefore, reluctantly. It really is funny to view it so much because he dislikes. It is found by me both exciting (i enjoy watching him masturbate) and funny!

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